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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? We are located at 637 Congaree Rd. Suite G, Greenville, SC 29607 (In the David Scott / West End shopping center // Off Roper Mnt exit via 385 // 1 mile from Haywood Mall // Across from Nail Envy)


What forms of payment do you accept? We accept cash, Venmo, credit & debit cards. You may Register for classes online and pay via PayPal as well! 


Is there an age limit? Yes. You must be 18+ to attend a class/party. However, you’re never too old for pole fitness! No matter what age, shape, or size - you can benefit from poling! 


Is there a weight limit?  Our poles support over 500lbs - while spinning! We've had 5 folks on 1 pole!


What kind of pole do you use? (5) 14' 45mm (1.75" diameter) Stainless Steel & (3) 14' 50mm (2.0" diameter") Brass Platinum Stages Competition poles. All poles have the option to remain static (stationary) or spin. 


Are you certified?  All instructors have completed level 1-2 in Xpole's Xpert Training Program.  They have 1.6 ACE and 10 AFAA continuing education credits each & 16 REPS CPD Points each granted through Xpole’s XPERT Training Program. Jax is also CRNP Spinning (Beg/Int) certified through Cleo The Hurricane. Jax & Ally also have Floor Rockers Certifications via Cleo The Hurricane as well!  Some of the instructors are a certified Twerk Technician or have their Flexibility Flow Certifications.  Check out their bios for more education and certifications!


Are men / non-binary / trans folx allowed in class? Yes. The Pole Academy is a co-ed, all inclusive, ally of LGBQTIA+ facility. We do not allow anyone to sit in class and only spectate - they have to participate! We love having a diverse group! If they are not participating, they are welcome to wait in our lobby area. We are all inclusive welcoming all genders, trans folx and magical creatures!


Is nudity involved? No. Nudity is never allowed during class/ parties/ performances. Wear comfortable clothing but a anything less than a thong or pasties is not allowed. 


Do I need previous dance experience? No! We have created a curriculum that wall magical creatures and folx of any type of all levels can benefit from! Of course, with any other sport or hobby, practice makes perfect!


Are there risks involved? Because your body is used for support against the pole, risks are involved. Pole Burn: Working so closely with the pole means your body will create friction against it. Especially for beginners, pole burn occurs, and this is called “micro-tearing”. After avid practice your skin will heal and toughen up so chaffing will soon regress. Bruising: Also common with beginners, bruising will occur from your body being pressed against the pole. As you learn from your body the bruising will stop and also a balanced diet with high potassium will help. Bruising is natural from beginners to pros so wear your battle scars proudly!

How big are your class sizes? Classes require a minimum of 2 people per class. Pole classes max out between 7 or up to14 and non-pole classes max out from 10 -25 depending. Most specialty pole classes max out at 7 so each person has their own pole. Intro & 101 may have up to 14, sharing. 


Why is pole dancing considered apart of fitness? Pole dancing is a cardio workout. Given it is fun, but you work up a sweat! Also you are working with your own body weight to build strength. Each workout exercises your arms, abs, quads, calves, shoulders, and more! It really is the complete full body workout! We have even created a Boot Camp, HIIP Training and Booty Camp which turns up the intensity!


What should I wear to class? The more skin available to work with the pole & Lollipop, the better! Arm showing tops such as tank tops, sports bras, and cami’s are perfect. Boy, yoga, and biker shorts make the legs bare to grip the pole. Heels are welcome but not required - especially when learning but we stress bare feet for safety.  If you are attending a Splits, Flexxy, Twerk It, FloorWERK or PoleARTry class you are welcome to wear leggings, yoga pants, leg warmers, etc. Aerial classes recommend leggings, shirts with sleeves and layers. For Lyra & Sling layers and leg coverings are recommended. 


What should I NOT wear to class? No baggy clothing (except Hip Hop). Lotions, oils and cocoa butter is not permitted because it makes the pole slick. Because we have to use our body to grip do not wear lotions for at least 2 hours prior to your class. Jewelry that dangles or restricts limb movement is also not permitted. (Rings, bracelets, necklaces.) 


When are lessons available? We are open Monday - Sunday! Classes are in a block schedule and will be available at different time throughout the week so you can choose a class that fits your schedule best! You MUST attend the Intro class to advance to any pole level class. Group classes are a 1st come, 1st serve basis with 2 people per pole (Intro & Pole 101 only). Be sure to register to hold your spot before someone else can take it! Private lessons are available during open times. (Non scheduled group lessons unless scheduled in advance.) We take a break during the afternoon so if you stop by be sure it's during class hours or call ahead. If you're interested in booking a Private lesson during those hours please use the CONTACT form to schedule.


How much are lessons? The Intro To Pole Class is only $15! Pole related classes are $15-$25. Aerial classes are $30. Alternative Classes are between $15-$65. Private instruction with your favorite teacher is $70/hr. Unlimited Monthly Packages & Bulk Class Packages are also available. 


Is there a cancellation fee? Yes, for Private Instruction cancelled without a 48 hour notice. Private Lesson is a $35 fee due at the next class or the potential loss of credit is a result. . If balance is owed to TPA - future classes will be canceled. For Parties the party (deposit / paid in full) is non-refundable. We are able to reschedule *1x* without additional fees if the party is rescheduled with more than a 48 hour notice. Please let us know ASAP if you are unable to attend your scheduled class/ party. Security deposits for Parties are non-refundable. Prior Classes, Workshops, Photoshoots & all other events paid in full are non-refundable. A credit may be issued for future classes pending situation. 


Can I do it with a friend? Yes! Group classes are based on a 1st come, 1st serve basis but you are welcome to bring a friend! Remember to register online before to save your spots! If you want to do a Private Class with a friend, we even have a discount for two! 


Do you host parties? We LOVE a good party and they always start with pole! TPA is happy to host your party on site for your convenience! Party packages start at $150.  All attendees MUST sign the safety & non-compete release waiver to participate. See more on our 'Parties' page!


Do I have to take pictures? No! Students that have pictures posted have consulted doing them with me by their own free will. I do not share, copy, or sell anyone’s pictures. They are used soley for the TPA site and Facebook for new students to become inspired. It is up to you if you want them done or not.

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