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Attend A Class

All Classes are 1 hour. Each Class includes a Warm Up & Cool Down Stretch.

* No admittance allowed after 5 minutes of class start. Don't be late!

~*~ Group  Classes ~*~


Intro To Pole

Newbies! Start Here! 

Thinking of giving pole fitness a whirl? Attend one of our conveniently scheduled Intro To Pole Class to give it a spin! For those of you wanting to pinpoint certain areas or for the ladies searching the latest workout craze – pole dancing is for you! It’s a Cardio workout including a warm up and stretching exercise that I include with pole fitness. Learn proper techniques to Spin, Climb, and Dance all while working out! I guarantee you will see and feel results after just one class! Bring a friend and try it together!

**For groups of 3 consider having a PARTY with us!**




Pole 101

Beginners: Must Pass Intro*

So you've taken your first Spin and you're addicted – right? Expand on what you learn with each class in Pole 101. These classes will include new ways to build on each Spin, Pose, and start to combine them all to make not only a sexy dance – but a full body workout too! As your strength builds with each class, you will be able to put together unique transitions while working new muscles. Learn something new each class so the more you come – the more you know! 

*Every 101 class is different and there is a LOT to learn before 201! While there is not a set amount of classes needed to advance, we offer students a 101 Worksheet Checklist to help on their journey and once all criteria is checked off, you'll be presented with a graduation certificate!




Pole 201

Intermediate: Requires Instructor Approval

So, you've graduated Pole 201!


Ready to see things in a whole new perspective? You know – like, being upside-down?


Yes! With Pole 201 take your pole adventure to a new level! Learn new Grips, Inversions, Combinations and hardcore Floorwork that will leave you feeling worked and accomplished! Take everything you know from Pole 101 and push yourself further.


Each class will keep you guessing and dreaming about what new combinations you can try next class! 




Pole 301

Advanced: Requires Instructor Approval

Take pole to an extreme new level!


With Pole 301, work on new Grips, Drops, and Transitions like you've never thought possible. Defy gravity with your skill and talent and show what pole fitness can do for the soul!


Take your education in pole to embark on the journey of art in pole dancing showing grace and beauty. Combine Floorwork, Dance and Poses to create a one of a kind dance or workout!




Boot(y) Camp

All Levels: No Experience Required

POLE BOOT CAMP: Pole strength conditioning reps worked to the max with the incorporation of intense core workouts, hardcore upper body exercise variations and a routine that will blast your lower body! This is a high intense cardio routine using your own body weight – you WILL feel the heat in just one class! If you’re ready to take on a not-so-sweet approach to this unique workout – sign up quick!

BOOTY CAMP: Get ready for a bootylicious good time! Prepare for an hour of squats, lunges, core exercises and focus on your lower half! This class will have you feeling the BURN! Class may also include booty bands, ankle weights and other tools for maximum bootyful results!




HIIP Training

Pole 101+

High Intensity Interval Training (also known as HIIT) is well known to be an effective cardiovascular workout that will burn calories, improve endurance and increase strength and muscle tone. 


The Pole Academy is now offering our own version of HIIT in pole fitness style! HIIP stands for High Intensity Interval POLE Training. This will be a fun and challenging full body workout! We will do intervals of high intensity pole conditioning exercises both on and off the pole with periods of active rest.  Classes may incorporate various training tools including resistance bands, light dumbbells, kettlebells, stability balls and, of course, our Poles! Exercises performed in this class will vary so that each class will be slightly different and can be modified for ALL fitness levels.




Study Group

All Levels: Open Studio

Need a little practice? Just want to workout? Study Group is a an open hour for those who want to use the pole for their own time. The class is supervised and will have an instructor available to help spot and critique students. In this unrestricted class – what workout or dance you want to create is all yours. Pole tricks, dance, splits, floorwork, or even a bit of everything!


Practice a Pose you haven't nailed yet or just get an extra weekly workout in! Learn from fellow students to gain more knowledge and end up learning something new! 




Splits & Flexxy

All Levels: No Experience Required


Do you want to be able to rock a Split? Did you lose some flexibility over the years? Have you ever been close? With a series of leg stretches you will be able to get them yet! Splits take time and a lot of hard work but you’re never too old to get them! Front splits, Middle splits, Over splits and even variations on the pole will get flat and beyond! 


We will focus not only on hips and hamstrings but back & shoulders too! 

Complete with a full body warm up, we'll move down the body making sure each body part is properly stretched! 

No materials needed but the use of the pole, partner, blocks and resistance bands can be used to enhance your overall stretch!





All Levels: No Experience Required

Let's roll!


FloorWERK is a great foundation to start upon. Floorwork in general lets you familiarize yourself with movement and lines. It is great for a core workout and a spicy addition to any routine. FloorWERK classes include transitions that flow fluidly that consist (but not limited to) leg variations, shoulder rolls, arm balances & increased flexibility.

So grab your knee high socks & legwarmers and come get filthy (in a good way!) on the floor with us! 






All Levels: No Experience Required

Artistic, Dramatic, Emotion


Not sure how to dance without your pole?  Need some ideas to transition from a static pole to a spin pole?  This is a beginner level class for those interested in learning more contemporary/modern/lyrical dance styles.  These are techniques that you can use on their own or apply to your pole choreography.  For attire, I recommend layers as floor work will be involved at times. 


Attire: Toe-kinis are awesome but socks work just as well for learning turns.  




Hip Hop Dance

All Levels: No Experience Required

Hip Hop Dance!


Trying to fit some more cardio in your life?  Want to look cooler at the club?  This is a beginner level class for hip hop dance. 


Hip hop is a broad genre encompassing many different styles that will be explored in this class. 

Learn cool choreography, popular TikTok dances, music video moves and more!


For attire, anything you feel comfortable in will do!  




Hot In Heels

All Levels: No Experience Required

Release The Clackins!

Grab your stilettos, your attitude and strut! Learn to walk, clack, glide, strut and more in this heels class! This special event is all about releasing the clackins! Of course there will be feet & ankle stretches and warm ups, tips and advice surrounding your stilettos but a little choreo as well!



We’ll be standing, dancing, walking, slinking and rolling on the floor in this class so dress right with layers of leggings, knee highs, knee pads and heels.




Twerk It!

All Levels: No Experience Required

Booty Shakin' Cardio!


Twerk It! is all legs, core & filled with cardio and fun! From video girl vixen moves to simple wiggles & shakes - Twerking is sweaty fun! Muscle isolations make your booty pop, clap and more! Get your squats on while you dance!


We Twerk standing, squatting, walking, on the floor, on the pole, on the wall - there are all types of styles and games! You DON'T want to miss that! Come check it out!



IMG_3845 copy.jpg

Free Fleaux

All Levles: No Experience Required

Free Style Class!

Free Fleaux is a freestyle based class that incorporates prompts in order to gain confidence and fluidity in your own style of dance. We work on building pathways and transitions both on the pole as well as on the floor. Students will freestyle in increasing time limits and with multiple genres of music in order to build stamina and explore different genres of dance.
Knee pads highly recommended!




Fab Pole

All Levles: No Experience Required

Fab Pole, also called Pole Silks, is the combination of Aerial Fabric and Vertical Pole.

There are many variations in how Fab Pole can be used, which requires varying amounts of skin contact. 

We recommend wearing layers to Fab Pole class. Shorts, leggings, tank top & sleeved shirts. 

- Intro To Fab Pole (Newbies)

- Fab Pole (Beginner - Must take Intro To Fab Pole & Intro To Pole)



IMG_4120_2 copy_000.jpg

Chair Class

All Levels!

Chair Class!


In this 1 hour class, pull out your chair and get ready to dance!


Chair Dance, Tease, Acro and more!


Are you staring at your chair and just wonder what crazy things you can do with it? Leave it to our instructors to come up with some fun ideas! You will learn to use your chair as an apparatus and create your own movement.



IMG_3767 copy.jpg

Pole Inversions

Pole 101+

Bottoms Up! Join this prep class for al things upside-down! We will prepare you how to safely invert, entry to leg hangs, dismounts and spotting techniques.  We recommend you have taken Pole 101 a few times and are comfortable in your Buddy Grip and Climbs. 

Inversions 2.0: Pole 201+ Students will condition leg hangs, shoulder mounts, inverted brackets and more. 



IMG_4065_0 copy_00.jpg

PoleARTry / 2.0

All Levels! / 2.0 Requires Pole 201/301

Create poetry on the pole during this class! Bring your heels and one fierce attitude!

Dancing WITH (not just around) the pole can turn into an art form! While you’re getting the benefits of cardio during you’re dancing, you're letting your creative side do the talking.

We’ll show you sassy moves with smooth transitions including Bodyrolls, Figure 8's, Basework and Floorwork! ​

Heels optional, not required. Layers recommended. Knee Pads suggested.

PoleARTry 2.O

Be prepared to incorporate more spins, inversions and transitions both on and off the pole to create a flow. Kips, handstands, inverts, shoulder stands/rolls and more are to be expected. Each choreo is different so you'll always be creating!

Heels, knee pads (sticky) and grip is recommended but not required. 



~*~ Aerial Classes ~*~



All Levels: No Experience Necessary

Lyra (Aerial Hoop) 

Defy gravity with lyra and enjoy the flight! Create shapes and sequences while flying on a taped hoop.

*Leggings are recommended so as not to create friction on the tape.







All Levels: No Experience Necessary

Sling (Aerial Hammock)

Wrap yourself into twisty shapes and create unique sequences in sling! Fabric allows you to wrap different points of contact on yourself to hold you in place.

*Layers are recommended including leggings and shirts with sleeves. 






Intro To Pole Encouraged

Lollipop (Lyra + Pole)

Combine two favorites with a lyra hoop connected to the top of a pole! Mix and flow between the two apparatuses together combing unique shapes, flow and sequences!

*Shorts, tank/tee and pole appropriate clothing preferred for stick. No lotions/oils or jewelry.



~*~ Private Classes ~*~

IMG_1909 copy.jpg

Private Lesson

1 on 1 & Semi Private

Feeling shy and unsure about group lessons? Need extra help on something? Prefer to create your own workout plan? Schedule a Private class at your convenience and have one on one instruction. We can create a personalized workout plan targeting what you want most out of your experience. If Group classes make you uncomfortable, Private is the way to go. Get your entire workout in the privacy you are comfortable with!

Bring A Friend : $60/ea

Some students prefer to do a Private class with a friend! $10 off each person if you and a friend schedule a class together!

$35 deposit to hold space - deposit added towards remaining balance


Private Class Cancellation Fee:

 $35 deposit (per person) required for future classes if canceling a Private class within 24 hours.


$70/ Hr. or

4 for $250

IMG_1919 copy_2.jpg

Private Event

Studio Rentals & Private Parties

Do you have a group of friends wanting to try a class together? Are you and your friends shy in a group with others? Do you prefer a group class just for your group? We can accomodate! If you have a group of friends that want to try a class together please see our PARTIES page for prices and what your class can include! 

  • Pole Party - Fun dance warm up, spin, and create a sexy routine!

  • Twerk Party - Booty shaking, popping and clapping all in one party! 

  • Sexy Chair Dance Party - Slinky moves on chair & floor then make a routine!

  • Lap Dance Party - No men needed! Sultry moves to take home and use and a mini routine!

  • Slinky Floor Dance Party - Roll and slither with new moves and create a flow on the floor!



~*~ If you and your friends are still interested in coming together but don't mind mingling with other students you are welcome to attend the Intro To Pole Classes that are only $10 per person to try it out! ~*~



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